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Types of Membership:

Individual: $15 per year to support the mission of the NCSBA.

Commercial: $30 per year

Permanent: $300.00 (one time payment)
Permanent (over 55*): $150.00 (one time payment)
(*you must be 55 years of age or older and furnish ID verification of age, ex: drivers License)

Why should a beekeeper join the NCSBA? How does the NSCBA serve its membership?

  • As the largest volunteer led beekeeping association in the United States to promote beekeeping and save the honey bee from disappearing
  • By publishing the Bee Buzz, members receive the venerable quarterly magazine published by the NCSBA with informational articles and beekeeper information
  • The NCSBA serves seventy-four local chapter with state level programs, assistance with bee schools and promotion for chapter events
  • NCSBA state level meetings-Membership in the NCSBA is required to attend the annual Spring and Summer meetings where attendees hear prominent speakers, attend informational workshops, save money by shopping with vendors and meet other beekeepers
  • By administering the Master Beekeeper Program which has four levels, certified, Journeyman, Master, Master Craftsman
  • By operating the Certified Honey Producer program, Born and Bred Queen Rearing Program and Honey Bee garden at the NC Zoo
  • The publishing of the yellow book- the NCSBA membership directory
  • Maintaining the website where beekeepers receive information and announcements relevant to beekeeping
  • Maintaining the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association Facebook page
  • The NCSBA is leading the effort to support the apiculture science program at NCSU and to bring a new honey bee research field lab to NCSU