Apiary Inspection Program

Apiary Inspection services are provided by the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (NCDA&CS), Plant Industry Division, Plant Protection Section, Apiary Services.

A list of inspectors is provided below for your convenience.

They publish an annual list of Dealers with Permit to Sell Bees in North Carolina, useful for people looking to purchase bees.

Visit the Apiary Services page for details of the services provided, regulations, and recommendations about beekeeping.

The strength of the beekeeping industry in North Carolina is in large part due to the historical close cooperation between the NCSBA beekeepers and the Apiary Inspectors. We encourage and expect all beekeepers to continue that cooperation by following any regulations set forth by the Apiary Services as they endeavor to identify, contain, and eradicate honey bee pests, mitigate beekeeping industry problems, and train beekeepers to do so as well.

Get acquainted with your inspectors. Avail yourself of their services.

You will be a better beekeeper for it!

Aoiary Inspector Regions

NC Bee Inspectors

Region Name Contact Phone/Email
  Coastal Plain Adolphus Leonard (252) 916-3444
  Sandhills Nancy Ruppert (910) 690-9555
  Eastern Piedmont Will Hicks (919) 691-0022
  Western Piedmont Don Hopkins (919) 218-3310
  Foothills Gregory Fariss (336) 671-2883
  Mountains Lewis Cauble (828) 230-4544