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Hi everyone,

Greetings from the NC State Apiculture Program!

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The slow start to the spring means a delayed research season, which has everyone on edge. Typically we are up and fully running at this point, but we are just only now gearing up to do our experiments for this summer. At last count, we have 20 different projects for which we are actively collecting data this year, which is an astounding level of productivity.

Two of our off-campus postdoctoral researchers, Dan Charbonneau (UPenn) and Daiana De Souza (Galveston), are temporarily here at NC State to conduct their field research.

Samples have been flying into the Queen & Disease Clinic this year, so our services seem to be gaining traction in the industry.

All four of the graduate students in the program (James, Joe, Hannah, and Lauren) are heavily involved in their respective projects, but they each also have one or more side projects that they’re actively participating in.

It is clear that when we look back on things, this will be a very busy summer!

I hope everyone is keeping up with their bees this spring! Sincerely, David

David R. Tarpy
Professor and Extension Apiculturist
Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology
Campus Box 7613
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7613
TEL: (919) 515-1660
FAX: (919) 515-7746
LAB: (919) 513-7702
WEB: http://entomology.ces.ncsu.edu/profile/david-tarpy/
EMAIL: david_tarpy@ncsu.edu
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