How to Buy or Sell Bees in NC


What should buyers and sellers expect from a nucleus colony?

For Buyers:

For a list dealers have been approved to sell bees in North Carolina and are permitted to sell or ship bees:

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For Sellers:

Parties interested in selling honey bees in the State of North Carolina must submit
the following forms to N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:

  1. A current health Certificate from state of origin.
  2. Application form for Permit to Sell Bees in North Carolina.
  3. A non-refundable $25.00 Permit Fee must accompany the above application.
  4. Compliance agreement for producers who wish to sell queens or packaged bees in North Carolina. Be sure to provide the requested information. The forms must be signed and dated.

All forms must be typed or printed legibly. Unsigned forms cannot be processed.

Upon receipt of the appropriate forms, your application will be considered.

It is unlawful to market queens, packages, nucs, or hives before the Permit to Sell
Bees in North Carolina has been issued.

For North Carolina residents, a permit is not required for (1) the sale of less than 10 bee hives in a calendar year, (2) at one time going -out-of-business sale of less than 50 beehives, or (3) the renting of bees for pollination purposes or the movement of
bees to gather honey.

If you would like to request forms or if you have questions regarding this procedure,
please visit the website at: or contact Don Hopkins at (336) 376-8250 or