How the NCSBA communicates with Chapters and members by email

How the NCSBA communicates with its Chapters and Members

What is the primary way that the NCSBA communicates with its Chapters and members?

Besides announcements and articles published in the quarterly NC Bee Buzz newsletter, the NCSBA communicates by sending emails to Chapters through the NCSBA Chapter email list. Chapters are asked to share the information received through this list with its members. Occasionally, an email is sent by the NCSBA directly to members about a very important subject, but to-date this has not happened very often.

Who is allowed to send emails through the Chapter email list?

To prevent the overuse of the email list (which might make it less effective), the only people who can send email through it are the NCSBA President, Membership Secretary, Webmaster, Master Beekeepers Program Chair and Dr. David Tarpy. Dr. Tarpy is the head of the NCSU Apiculture Science Program and sends out education-related information (one email per month, maximum). Chapters cannot send emails to the Chapters list. The list administrator gets a notice if this is attempted, and the person trying to do this is contacted to explain why they can’t.

Who is on the Chapter email list and how are they designated?

There is one email address per Chapter on the list. The Chapter president usually decides who will be the designated contact for the Chapter. The NCSBA Regional Directors are not on this list, but they are on a similar NCSBA Committees email list. The authorized posters to the list know to cc: or forward Chapter communications to the Committees list to keep the Regional Directors in the loop.

Does the Chapter contact have to be the Chapter president?

No. The Chapter email list is not intended to be a Presidents’ list. Often the Chapter contact is the Secretary, Webmaster, or even a non-officer who has time to handle these communications for the Chapter. It can even be a group address that then sends incoming emails to more than one officer, not to just one person.

What is the responsibility of the Chapter contact?

The Chapter contact is asked to share information received through the email list with other officers and members. This responsibility is explained to them during the annual updating procedure explained below. Whether they do or not is beyond the control of the NCSBA.

How can I determine who is the contact for my Chapter?

They are listed under the Chapter in the “Directory of Chapters” in the Yellow Book membership directory (after it is published for that year). Chapters are asked to provide any updates that occur during the year to The most current information is maintained in the NCSBA database. It can be checked by the Membership Secretary upon request to confirm the current contact for any given Chapter.

When is the Chapter email list updated?

The list is updated annually, usually in December. Most Chapters have had elections by then with new officers taking office in January. The goal is to have the new list ready by the first week of January. Some Chapters hold elections later, in which case they are asked to submit the new contact when available.

How is the list updated?

One email address and one phone number is requested from every Chapter during the annual updating period. This email address can be for a person or a group. The responses are tracked. If a response is not received by a stated deadline, the Chapter is contacted by phone. Changes can be made at any time during the year by submitting the information to

What quality-controls are in place to maintain the integrity of the list?

Besides the annual updates, the list administrator gets a notice if emails bounce back from a particular email address, signaling there’s a problem to look into and fix. Chapters are contacted when necessary.

Where can I go if I think I’ve missed an email communication?

Some Chapters and members have apparently missed getting some of emails in the past. To help correct this, emails sent to the Chapters since July 2017 are posted on the NCSBA website under the “Announcements” section. These will continue to be posted there going forward. The essential content is also shared with members on Facebook. This serves not only the members of Chapters that are unable to forward information to its members but also the at-large members who do not have contact with a local Chapter.

If I’m a Chapter contact and have missed emails, what should I do?

Please check with the Membership Secretary to verify that the email address we have for you is correct.. If it is correct, then check your spam folders or for other problems on your end, like filters or other blocks. If you continue to have these or unexplained problems, consider setting up a group email-address to use as the contact so that more than one officer receives these notices as a cross-check. Gmail offers this service for free.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the NCSBA Membership Secretary at .