If you are receiving this as the designated contact for your Chapter, please share this information with your other officers and members.

QUIZZES and GAMES for DECEMBER Located on the NCSBA website (home page and Master Beekeeper Program information pages)


December’s games and quizzes for all tested levels (Certified, Journeyman and Master) will contain questions and answers for QUESTIONS that are FREQUENTLY MISSED on the WRITTEN EXAMS.
The MBP Committee invites you to run through them and see how you do. It is a terrific opportunity for anyone planning on testing in the early part of 2018.


Coming soon in the New Year: Because there are many Beginner Beekeeping Schools in the first part of the year, the MBP Committee has made up special quiz and game varieties that should correspond with what the chapter is teaching for the Certified Level. Vocabulary is emphasized throughout. We hope that you will be able to utilize these with your class participants.


The Journeyman and Master candidates will enjoy VOCABULARY reviews in the first part of the year, in addition to updated and timely questions. The MBP Committee hopes that by participating in these online self-study reviews, candidates for the various levels will gain the confidence to take the test for their level at this coming Spring Meeting.
For information about the Spring NCSBA Meeting in New Bern – please visit the NCSBA website for further details.


Sincerely Paul Newbold, Chairman MBP Committee

NCSBA Spring Conference: hotel deadline and advanced registration

NCSBA Spring Conference:

hotel deadline and advanced registration

If you are receiving this as the designated contact for your Chapter, please share this information with your other officers and members.


We hope many of your members are planning to attend the NCSBA spring conference in New Bern, NC March 1-3, 2018. The cut-off date for the discounted rate for most of the hotels is February 16. The conference webpage lists the hotels and rates as well as the schedule of events and speakers.

2018 NCSBA Spring Conference

Advance registration for the conference will be available through FEBRUARY 16. Advanced registrants will get a $10 discount. We encourage members to register and pay on-line, but they can also download a registration form and go through the mail-in process. To register at the lower member rate, individuals must have paid their 2018 NCSBA membership dues. That means received and fully-processed by the NCSBA, not just turned into the local Chapter. They can also pay dues directly to the NCSBA when they register for the meeting (this option will be presented during the on-line registration process).

Thanks for your help in promoting the conference and notifying your members about these deadlines and opportunities.

Todd Walker

Update your Chapter contact’s email address for 2018

Update your Chapter contact’s email address for 2018
Chapter contacts:

It’s time to start updating the NCSBA Chapter email list for 2018.
Please do the following to help this process run smoothly so we can have
the new list ready by the first week of January.

1. Read the information titled “How the NCSBA communicates with
Chapters…” posted on the NCSBA website under “Chapters” ( ). That will answer
questions you may have about this important email list and who should be
your designated contact.

2. Do not “reply” directly to this email. Draft a separate email with
the name of your Chapter somewhere in the subject line and send it to . In the body of the email, provide
three things:

a. the Chapter contact email address for 2018 (some Chapters use a group
email address which is fine for our purposes)

b. the Chapter contact phone number (unless you prefer not to provide

c. the name of the person providing the information

3. Ask the contact to check their spam folders the first few weeks of
January to make sure our emails are not landing there. Remember: you
can check what has been sent through the Chapters list by looking under
“NCSBA Announcements” on the NCSBA website.

If you will not know who the new contact will be until after January 1,
please still reply back so we know this. We will continue to use your
2017 contact information until you send in the update.

requested later in 2018. However, now is a good time to check the 2017
Yellow Book to confirm that the information listed for your Chapter is
correct (the where/when for meetings, your website address, etc). Also
check the information posted on the NCSBA website under the “Find a
Chapter” feature. Send any corrections to me.

Questions? Email me at

Suzy Spencer
NCSBA Membership Secretary
chapter email sent out on November 17 2017

Posting Bee School Information on the NCSBA website

Posting Bee School Information on the NCSBA website
November 6 2017
Bee school season is rapidly approaching. Several clubs have already submitted their school’s information and it has been posted on the NCSBA website. The bee school listing page of the NCSBA website is the most visited page after the home page. If your club plans to host a bee school next year, I encourage you submit your information for inclusion on the
NCSBA website.

To ensure that I have all of the data I need, please complete the form on this page:

Bee School Submission

If the link above doesn’t work, cut and paste the entire URL into your browser address bar.



Bee Buzz Request for Photos

Bee Buzz request for photos
November 6 2017
This message is from Jody Moore, Bee Buzz co-editor.
Please share with your Chapter members and encourage them to send in photos for use in the Bee Buzz newsletter.
Hello, North Carolina Beekeepers!
Do you have any honey bee related photographs you would like to share?
The NC Bee Buzz is now a full-color magazine and we would like to highlight bee-related photographs from different parts of the state.
We welcome your submissions now and in the future. We will give you photo credits and bragging rights! It’s the photograph that’s important, but you can send in some extra information to help put it in context.
When submitting your photos, please include photographer’s name, a caption for the photo (optional – may be changed depending on content use), and any other relevant information you would like to include (e.g. “2017 State Fair ribbon winner”, “Hives in snow Ashe County 2016”, etc.).
When submitting your photos, please do not crop or resize them. Send us the full photo file whenever possible (preferably in .JPG, .TIF, or .PDF format). You can separately send a crop example if you like. Due to the changing needs of space, the photos may have to be cropped to “custom fit” the space needed.
So, go ahead and send them in now! Old or new, we welcome all submissions. Photos may or may not be used immediately, and might be “banked” until a future issue- depending upon need.
Photos can be emailed to

WOLFPACK WAGGLE : October 28 2017

WOLFPACK WAGGLE: October 28 2017

Hi everyone,
Greetings from the NC State Apiculture Program! You can now access our latest issue of the our program’s newsletter, the Wolfpack’s Waggle, which can also be found as usual through:

The fall semester so far has been a whirlwind of activity. Our weekly lab meetings have been filled with everyone presenting the exciting findings from their respective summer field projects, which has been very stimulating and bodes well for some of the future papers that will be coming out of the lab in the coming years. Some of the main efforts these last few months has been to submit several grant proposals, including some that were entirely conceived and written in a collaborative effort by the grad students in the program.

We also, for the first time, have started to sell jars of our Wolfpack Honey at the NC State farmer’s market on the Brickyard of main campus every Wednesday.

Our lab group has grown substantially in size these last few months as well, with the addition of several new excellent undergraduate researchers and especially the addition of our new office manager, Sharon Munger, who we very much look forward to working with in various elements of our program particularly the Queen & Disease Clinic.

Also be sure to check out the featured article, written by Master Beekeeper David Bridgers on his NCSU-collaborative research project for the partial fulfillment of his Master Craftsman requirements. The results should be of interest to all beekeepers, and I hope this to serve as an example for all future endeavors.

I hope everyone is getting their bees ready for winter, and may they all survive happy and healthy through next spring!

Sincerely, David

David R. Tarpy
Professor and Extension Apiculturist
Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology
Campus Box 7613
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7613
TEL: (919) 515-1660
FAX: (919) 515-7746
LAB: (919) 513-7702

2018 membership form and card-return policy; new Membership Coordinator, phone number and address


Subject: 2018 membership form and card-return policy; new Membership Coordinator, phone number and address
Date: 22.10.2017 15:20

Chapter contacts, please share this with your officers and members, especially if your Chapter helps with the collection of NCSBA membership dues. This message will also be posted in our new “Announcements” section on the NCSBA website for reference.

*Updated NCSBA membership form for 2018*

The updated membership application form is attached. It is also posted on the NCSBA website at . The primary change from 2017 is the option to receive a hard-copy of the membership letter/card (the default now is by email). Other changes are the addition of a link to the membership-number-recovery website page and the contact information for the new Membership Coordinator. Please remind your members to provide their NCSBA membership number and a current email address on the form as well as update the other requested information. After a membership number is assigned to a person, it does not change, even if there is a lapse in active membership.

*Membership cards are now sent by email*

The default for receiving the annual NCSBA membership letter/card is by email unless the hard-copy option is checked on the application form (or indicated on the spreadsheet or other form devised by the Chapter to convey the membership information to the Membership Coordinator). If the Chapter submits the forms and the hard-copy option is selected, hard copies will be returned to the Chapter for distribution – they will not be individually mailed back to the members. Sending the letter/cards by email will relieve the Chapters of that responsibility and ensure that every member has an opportunity to see and verify their contact information and preferences. We have been told by Chapters that members often do not pick up these cards after they are returned to the Chapters – that they end up in the Treasurer’s file, undelivered.

*New Membership Coordinator, mailing address, and phone number**

*Our new interim Membership Coordinator is Todd Walker. Laurie Shaw resigned effective Oct. 10 after ten years of service to the NCSBA. Todd has been our database manager and webmaster for the past two years as well as a Piedmont Regional Director. Continue to use as the contact email address for Membership Services.. The new phone number and mailing address are (336) 933-1917 and P.O. Box 99, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541, respectively. The new contact information is listed at the bottom of the updated membership form. Many of you interacted with Ms. Shaw over the past ten years as she processed dues and handled conference registrations. If you would like to send her your good wishes, contact her at .

Thank you so much for assisting with the collection of NCSBA membership dues. We have over 4700 members now. Without your help, it would be a much more expensive and time-consuming process.

Suzy Spencer
NCSBA Membership Secretary

Beehive Grant Fund application period starts October 16

Beehive Grant Fund application period starts October 16
Chapter contacts, this message is from NCSBA President Rick Coor.
Please share with your members so they can benefit from this

Certified Beekeepers of North Carolina,

You are encouraged to apply for a grant from the North Carolina Beehive
Grant fund. The process is not difficult and there will be no
application fee. All pertinent information has been posted on the website including the link for the recent checklist
and fact sheet from the NCADFPTF.

Beehive Grant fund applications will be accepted beginning Monday,
October 16 by logging on to and clicking on the Beehive
application portal. Applicants are reminded to be ready with scans of
supporting documentation in order to attach to their application.
Applicants should also have a clearly defined use of the funds ready in
order to complete their application. The allocated funds will almost
assuredly be depleted this year but there may be more next year, so get
your name in the pot!

Your questions are welcome. Please contact Paul Newbold at

Rick Coor
NCSBA President



 Forward to members interested in the Beehive Grant

The Beehive grant has published guidelines and instructions.

This is the web address for their site:

Type that into your browser, that will bring you to their site.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and the links will be there, for instructions, application guidelines and checklists.

Cycle XI and Beehive Grants open October 16.
Notice from:  
Paul Newbold
252-264-0245 H
252-312-4629 C

MBP Fall Regional TESTING – reminder notice

Fall Master Beekeeper testing for all levels will start this Saturday.

Please forward this email to your membership – thanks.

If you are intending on testing at one of the two locations PLEASE BRING YOUR NCSBA MEMBERHIP CARD WITH YOU
we MUST have a CURRENT NCSBA membership number. ( thanks)


OCTOBER 7 2017
9 am till Noon
Craven County Cooperative Extension
300 Industrial Drive
New Bern, NC 28562

This facility is located just off the Clarks Exit of Highway 70
It is approximately 8 miles west of the city limits of New Bern.

All tests start at 9 am
NO TEST issued after 10 am
There will be: written testing for Certified, Journeyman & Master Levels
There will be practical exams for Journeyman and Master Levels only.
Certified Practical Exams will not be issued at this time/location.

OCTOBER 21, 2017
9 am till NOON
N.C. Cooperative Extension Office at Wilkes County
416 Executive Drive
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

The web site, has along side the title, “Wilkes County Center” a google icon for direction assistance.
We have been advised that the location is GPS challenged so
to help you locate the facility – note that it is located off SR 421 at exit 285, north 500 feet to Executive Drive on the left.

All tests start at 9 am
NO TEST issued after 10 am
There will be: written testing for Certified, Journeyman & Master Levels
There will be practical exams for Journeyman and Master Levels only.
Certified Practical Exams will not be issued at this time/location.

Master Beekeeper Committee

sent to Chapters October 2nd 2017