Master Beekeeper Program Curriculums

CURRICULUMS (content outlines) for Beginner and Advanced Beekeeping Classes

The Local Chapters of the NCSBA are the backbone for teaching and mentoring; guidance, encouragement; and comradery.

Putting together an outline for a beekeeping class can be cumbersome.

What should be included; how in-depth should a beginner class be; or what specifically should be covered for the advanced beekeeper?

The outlines offered here by the MBP Committee are intended to provide a structure that the course administrator and instructors can use as a guideline.

Each has been based on 16 hours of instruction. We hope the provided curriculums will be considered as suggestions and used as a foundation for your Beekeeping classes. It is expected that each local chapter will adapt these outlines for use within their own club’s atmosphere and abilities.

Each is arranged in Topic Sections that can be moved around; the times expanded or reduced; and additional information with hands-on experiences might be incorporated.

Additional links provide detailed resources for information corresponding with the outline Topic Sections. Course instructors are encouraged to review the material prior to working up their presentations.

Certified Level Curriculum
Certified Level Reading Resources

Advanced Level Curriculum
Advanced Level Reading Resources

Power Points:
We all know that when we set about to teach, we learn. The task of having to compile a presentation, power-point or other, is a valuable learning experience. For this reason, power point presentations are not included in these curriculums. If you need help putting together a presentation, email any member of the MBP Committee.