I want to be a Master Craftsman Beekeeper!

The Master Craftsman is the fourth and final level in the Master Beekeeper Program. In order to become a Master Craftsman Beekeeper, you must:

  • Have been a Master Beekeeper for two years
  • Maintain membership in NCSBA since obtaining Master Beekeeper status
  • Complete an additional 7 of the 19 Sub-Specialties demonstrating excellence in beekeeping
  • Earn an additional 15 Public Service Credits since becoming a Master Beekeeper
  • Present a program or workshop at a NCSBA convention
  • Conduct an NCSU and MBP approved honey bee research project
  • Pass an oral exam answering questions about your research project and overall beekeeping knowledge.

In order to prepare for the Master Craftman level, the following materials are available:

If you have questions, please contact a member of the MBP Committee.