I want to be a Journeyman Beekeeper!

The Journeyman is the second level in the Master Beekeeper Program.   In order to become a Journeyman Beekeeper, you must:

  1. Must be a member of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA).
  2. Must pass a written examination, administered by the NCSBA, MBP representative.
  3. Must pass a Practical Examination, administered by the NCSBA, MBP representative.
  4. Must have two years of beekeeping experience and be a NCSBA Certified Beekeeper.
  5. Must have completed five service credits.

In order to prepare for the journeyman level, the following materials are available:

A required two years of beekeeping experience and passing the Certified Beekeeper level are a pre-requisite for applying to Journeyman Beekeepers level of the Master Beekeeper Program.  A minimum of 5 service credits are required for the level of Journeyman Beekeeper.  A listing of what is considered for Service credit and explanation also is on the NCSBA web site. A list of completed credits is to accompany the applicant when reporting for testing. (If incomplete it may be add later to complete the requirements.)

Testing will be done annually at the spring and summer NCSBA meeting.  Also in the fall at a regional testing sites.  A location, date and time will be established by the Senior Regional Director and coordinated with the MBP Committee.

Master Beekeepers will be called upon to help issue the written and practical test to Journeyman applicants.  Test once completed will be returned to The MBP committee.   A Committee of Master Beekeepers will review and grade the test in a timely manner, review service hours credits, and practical results to determine if applicant has completed all requirements to receive Journeyman Level.

A certificate of completion of the requirements will be forwarded to the affiliated Regional Director and arrangements will be made with the club president for presentation to the Journeyman.

Name will be added to the NCSBA list of “JOURNEYMAN BEEKEEPERS”.

If you have questions, please contact a member of the MBP Committee.