Certified Honey Producer Program

The Certified Honey Producer Program is the official marketing program of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association. The primary goals are to promote honey produced by the beekeepers of the NCSBA that is a genuine product of North Carolina and to help consumers know whether they are purchasing honey that was actually produced in North Carolina or honey that may have been produced in another region or country.

Certified Honey LabelThe design and intention of the CHPP is for NCSBA members to voluntarily participate in and agree to label and classify their honey in accordance to the guidelines of the Certified Honey Producer Program. An application is required for membership as well as a renewal every two years. Participants are then allowed to purchase the certified label the NCSBA online store and label their honey as certified by the NCSBA.

The Certified Honey Producer Program is open to all members of the NCSBA who are active beekeepers that apply for participation and are approved by a designated reference of the program. The “Certified” and “Discover the Goodness” labels will bear a registered trademark symbol owned by the NCSBA which gives it the sole authority to determine the criteria and circumstances under which the labels may be used.

Procedure for Becoming a Certified Honey Producer

  1. To participate, an NCSBA member in good standing must apply directly to the Certified Honey Producer Program (CHPP) committee either online or by mail by submitting an application and reference form.
  2. A participant agrees to:
    1. Provide a approved reference (see below).
    2. Pay a fee of $25 to the NCSBA which will provide certification for two years after which the certification may be renewed with a $25 fee.
    3. Abide by the guidelines set forth by the CHPP.
    4. Purchase labels from the printer authorized by the NCSBA
    5. Have his or her name listed in the Certified Honey Producer registry which is available for reference at ncbeekeepers.org
    6. Agree to sell only North Carolina produced honey under the labels of the CHPP
    7. Read and be familiar with the CHPP guidelines.
  3. Approved references* are:
    • Members of the CHPP committee
    • CHPP Producers
    • NCSBA Master Beekeepers
    • NCSBA Officers
    • Chapter Presidents

    *References must be in good standing with the NCSBA.


Guidelines of the Certified Honey Producer Program

  1. The labels of the Certified Honey Producer Program will be affixed only to containers of honey that are known to be produced in North Carolina.
  2. The participant is an active beekeeper unless otherwise approved by the CHP program.
  3. The participant will not engage in deceptive marketing or advertising and will label honey in accordance to the NCDA and the CHP guidelines.
  4. A container labeled as honey will not contain any additives or flavoring.
  5. Creamed honey may bear the “certified” and “discover the goodness” labels and must be made from honey produced in North Carolina.
  6. The “Discover the Goodness of North Carolina honey” label should be affixed to every container or should be displayed prominently where certified honey is sold.
  7. Hives will not be fed sugar syrup or corn syrup during periods of honey flow.
  8. Honey should not have a moisture content exceeding 18.6%.
  9. Mite treatments will be used according to the manufacturer’s label.
  10. The honey will not be heated beyond 110 degrees or pasteurized.
  11. The honey will be sold in its natural state and can be filtered to allow for removal of honeybee debris and wax particles.
  12. The honey will not be ultra-filtered or otherwise processed to remove pollen.
  13. Sanitary and healthy extraction facilities and procedures are to be observed as described by the NCDA.
  14. The “Certified” or “Discover the Goodness” labels will not be used to advertise or otherwise promote the sale of honey produced outside of North Carolina.

Members currently in the program and people who join the program will receive an attractive certificate to display, a package of “Certified” and “Discover the goodness” labels to get started with, a “Discover the Goodness of Real NC Honey” vehicle tag, advertisement of their business as a vendor of certified honey, and the benefit of publicity and programs of the certified honey producer committee.

The overall intention of the Certified Honey Producer Program is to promote truth in labeling and to educate beekeepers on proper extracting, labeling and marketing of North Carolina honey and to ensure that consumers know whether or not that they are purchasing a genuine product of North Carolina when buying honey.

The Certified Honey Producer Program committee

Kim Underhill, Five County Beekeepers, co-chair
Kenny Jones, Cumberland County Beekeepers, co-chair
Al Pleasants, Wake County Beekeepers
B Townes, Wilkes County Beekeepers
Russ Jefferies, Buncombe County Beekeepers