Certified Honey Producer Program


The Certified Honey producer program (CHPP) is the official marketing program of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA). The goals of the program are twofold; first, to promote local honey that is produced by the beekeepers of the NCSBA and is a genuine product of the State; second, to connect the local beekeepers with consumers who are looking to purchase local honey. The CHPP features:

  • Discover the Goodness and Certified Honey Producer labels– Beekeepers who participate in the program agree to label and classify their honey in accordance with the guidelines of the CHPP. Only active participants may purchase labels from the NCSBA online store.
  • Truth in labeling– We want consumers to know what they are buying; no deceptive labeling going on here! No honey packers are allowed, only real North Carolina honey producers.
  • Certified Honey Producer Registry– The CHPP maintains an up to date registry of every Certified Honey Producer. Our “Discover the Goodness” label features the realnchoney.com URL where consumers can access the online registry to verify that the seller is indeed Certified Honey producer.
  • Honey locator map– Beekeepers can elect to have their location and contact information displayed on a North Carolina state map in order for consumers to know how to find the nearest source of local honey available. Connect with your customers with the honey locator map!

The Certified Honey producer Program is open to all active members of the NCSBA who apply for participation and are approved by a designated reference. The “Certified” and “Discover the Goodness” labels will bear a registered trademark symbol owned by the NCSBA which gives it the sole authority to determine the criteria and circumstances under which the labels can be used.

Certified Honey Label


To participate in the Certified Honey Producer program, you must be a NCSBA member in good standing. You can download the application form below. The cost to apply is only $25 and allows beekeepers who adhere to the NC Honey Standard and are approved by the Honey Board the opportunity to purchase “Certified” labels for use on their honey.

Please make check for $25 payable to the NCSBA. Send the application and check to:

Kenny Jones
PO Box 87175
Fayetteville, NC 28304

Already in the program and need to update your information or get on the map?

Click on update my information and fill out the form. You may elect to:

  1. Registry only: Display only my name (minimum required)
  2. Registry only: Display my name and contact information
  3. Locator map: Display my name, contact information and enough information to locate me on the map but do not list my address
  4. Locator Map: Display my name, contact information, website and physical address of a store on the registry

The Certified Honey Producer Program committee

Kenny Jones, Cumberland County Beekeepers, chairman
Al Pleasants, Wake County Beekeepers
B Townes, Wilkes County Beekeepers
Russ Jefferies, Buncombe County Beekeepers