Appalachian Beekeepers (Murphy)

Basic Bee School

Begins: March 8, 2014
When: Saturday, 9:00 AM – Noon (or longer if there are questions)
Where: Mountain Folk Center
65 Folk Center Circle, Murphy, NC 28906
~9 miles west of Murphy on US 64 – on the left less than a mile past King’s Leather (which is on the right)
Cost: Free! Reservation requested but not required.
Sponsor: Appalachian Beekeepers Association
Additional Information: This Bee School is a quick crash-course intended to provide enough of an
introduction to hopefully push you off the fence and convince you to join the world
of beekeeping this spring. The primary topics will include:

  1. Hive Components: What are the “pieces” of a hive? What kinds of boxes and frames
    are involved? This session is all about woodenware and wax.
  2. Tools and Clothing: Try on a bee suit, gloves, etc. Learn how to start and use a
    smoker. Get hands-on with the various tools that are helpful when working the bees.
  3. Basic Honeybee Lifecycles: You do not need a biology degree, but understanding
    some of the basics about the kinds of bees and their lifecycles is an important for
    knowing the health of your hives.
  4. Hive Management: So you are standing behind your open hive and looking at a box
    of bees… What now? How do you go about a routine hive inspection? Learn what
    you should look for and what you can do to keep the hive healthy.
  5. Pests: There are a number of different parasites, diseases and downright pests that can
    weaken and even kill a hive of honeybees. Here is an introduction to the “big ones”
    along with different treatment strategies.
Contact: Zack Stockbridge (828-321-2171) or