Mission & Vision

The purpose of the NCSBA, from the NCSBA Constitution:

  • Encourage better beekeeping methodology
  • Promote cooperation among the beekeepers of the state and nation
  • Reach a common understanding regarding our problems and their solutions
  • Maintain friendly and helpful relations among beekeeping advocates
  • Develop markets for beekeeping products
  • Foster closer cooperation among members of the NCSBA
  • Improve purposes relating to honey bees and beekeeping exclusively for its members and the general public

Challenges & Goals of the NCSBA

The North Carolina State Beekeepers Association has enjoyed a three-fold increase in membership over the past decade. The challenge for the leaders of the association, on both the chapter and state level, is to serve the expanded membership with information and mentoring to enable members to learn and enjoy the pursuit of keeping bees. The following programs are some of the means by which the association serves it’s chartered clubs, members and other people and institutions in North Carolina.

The Master Beekeeper Program
The Honey Bee Exhibit at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro
The Certified Honey Producer Program
The Apiculture Science program at North Carolina State University

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