Lewis Cauble Biography

smoker photoLewis Cauble grew up in Greenville, SC and has called NC home since 1995.  He lives in Orange County and served as President of Orange County Beekeepers Association in 2009 and 2010.  Lewis had never considered the humble honey bee until he was married in 2006.  His wife moved to his old farm house and declared it a good place for a couple of hives.  “I am not interested” was his mantra…until…The 2 packages arrived in April.  From that point on he was fascinated and entranced by the amazing creatures, not to mention the incredible culture of beekeepers surrounding them.


Lewis generally maintains about 20 colonies for honey production and fun but has enjoyed managing colonies for queen rearing in years past and hopes to do more of that as time allows.  For the last 4 years he has been a Research Scientist for contract research organizations in the agroscience sector.  As part of his work he has been involved in many ecotox studies involving honey bees, investigating how crop protection products may affect honey bees at the individual and colony level both in the laboratory and in the field.


Lewis is an NCSBA Master Beekeeper and the sophomore Regional Director in the Piedmont Region.