Certified Honey Producer Program

In the absence of any meaningful Federal or State guidelines for the classification of honey, the beekeepers of the NCSBA initiated the Certified Honey Producer Program (CHP) to complement the North Carolina Honey Standard, which the group adopted in 2010. The parameters of the CHP were thoughtfully set forth by Dr. Ambrose in 2012 and the program was underway.

The design and intention of the CHP is for NCSBA members to voluntarily participate in and agree to label and classify their honey in accordance to the North Carolina Honey Standard. An application is required for membership as well as a renewal every two years. Participants are then allowed to purchase the certified label from a designated printer and label their honey as certified by the NCSBA.

A consumer who purchases honey with the certified label is assured that the honey is being sold by a seller who appreciates and understands the goodness and value of our North Carolina honey. The seller has agreed to sell honey under the certified label that is a genuine product; from North Carolina, correctly classified as to floral source, and properly labeled to represent the true product.

The chairperson of the CHP committee is Kim Underhill. For more information Kim may be contacted at bigoakbeefarm@gmail.com

Please read further to see the registry of Certified Honey Producers, the Certified Honey label, and the Certified Honey Producer application.