NC Zoo Honey Bee Exhibit

Grand Opening of the Permanent Honey Bee Exhibit at the
North Carolina Zoological Park in Asheboro, NC on June 19, 2009

Video provided by the NC Farm Bureau through YouTube.

Read more about the project in the NC Farm Bureau Magazine here.

Volunteer Beekeepers at the NC Zoo

Volunteer beekeepers are needed to staff the permanent Honey Bee Exhibit. The task ahead is for a group of trained volunteers to be prepared, with more being trained all along to maintain a continued beekeeper volunteer presence.

A training program developed cooperatively by NC Zoo Volunteer Coordinator Toy Jarrett and NCSBA is up and running.

Both required orientations will be given– one for Zoo regulations, the second for beekeeper preparation given by Dr. John Ambrose. Those planning to attend are asked to come about 20 minutes early, if possible, to complete required paper work, to have a picture ID taken, and to choose their volunteer shirt size. (The zoo will conduct a required background check of all volunteers.)

This orientation/training is brief but thorough and will consist of specific methods for using the signs and interpretive elements on the exhibit site and ways of engaging the public and encouraging discussions. The necessary protocols for safety, security, exhibit access and parking are also included in the training.

The Honey Bee Garden is Open!

Video provided by the NC Zoo through YouTube.


  • See overview of general information for NC Zoo volunteer exhibit interpreters.
  • Call NC Zoo Volunteer Coordinator, Toy Jarrett at (336) 879-7712 with specific questions.
  • Email NCSBA Zoo Volunteer Coordinators , who will answer questions and assist you in signing up.

The NC Zoo Honey Bee Exhibit was made possible by a cooperative effort of the North Carolina Zoological Park, North Carolina State Beekeepers Association, NC Farm Bureau, Syngenta, and NC Zoo Society donors.