Coastal Plains (Tarboro)

Beekeeping Short Course

Begins: February 3rd, February 10th, February 17th, February 24th and March 3rd
When: Schedule not completed at this time
Where: Edgecombe County Auditorium
201 Saint Andrew St., Tarboro, NC 27804 (Entrance is located on East Granville Street.)
Cost: Free and open to the public.
Sponsor: Coastal Plains Beekeepers and NC Cooperative Extension
Additional Information: These courses are designed for anyone interested in honeybees and beekeeping, as well as a refresher for the most advanced beekeeper.

The courses will cover topics such as bee biology, bee pests & diseases, apiary site selection, seasonal management, swarm prevention, the role of pesticides, as well as other topics. We encourage anyone with a passion for honeybees to attend. Honeybees play an integral role in the landscape pollinating our food crops and ornamental flowers; and don’t forget that delicious honey. We hope to see you there!

Contact: For more information please contact Jerry Flanagan, President at 252-341-2697 or Colby Griffin, Cooperative Extension Agent at 252-641-7815.