Education & Events

NCSBA provides multiple educational opportunities throughout the year.

Statewide conferences are held twice a year – in the spring and summer – and provide our members with an opportunity to hear directly from leading experts about such topics as beekeeping techniques, bee health and viability issues, and legislative and state support of bees and beekeepers in North Carolina. The conferences include workshops for more in depth coverage of topics and an provide an opportunity to share ideas with other beekeepers.

Local chapters conduct annual bee schools – many with hands on opportunities for new or aspiring beekeepers.

The NCSBA Master Beekeeper Program provides the infrastructure whereby beekeepers can improve their beekeeping skills and knowledge on a continuous basis within a system that objectively and formally acknowledges those accomplishments. To date over 10,000 individuals have participated in the Master Beekeeper Program, with many advancing to the Master Beekeeper or Master Craftsman Beekeeper levels.

The NCSBA Audio/Visual Library provides a collection of beekeeping DVDs and books that are available to any NCSBA Chapter or member free of charge.

The NC Zoo Honey Bee Exhibit was made possible by a cooperative effort of the North Carolina Zoological Park, North Carolina State Beekeepers Association, NC Farm Bureau, Syngenta, and NC Zoo Society donors. NCSBA member volunteers talk with visitors to the Honey Bee Exhibit about honey bees and beekeeping using the exhibit’s observation hive and teaching graphics.

This website also provides educational links about honey bees and other pollinators for kids and teachers alike.