Mission & Vision

The purpose of the NCSBA, from the NCSBA Constitution:

  • Encourage better beekeeping methodology
  • Promote cooperation among the beekeepers of the state and nation
  • Reach a common understanding regarding our problems and their solutions
  • Maintain friendly and helpful relations among beekeeping advocates
  • Develop markets for beekeeping products
  • Foster closer cooperation among members of the NCSBA
  • Improve purposes relating to honey bees and beekeeping exclusively for its members and the general public

Our Specific Goals – Objectives – Dreams

as summarized by Irvin Rackley, 1995 President

    • Push for a strong and efficient State organization through planning, communication and action.
    • Develop methods and activities to strengthen local Chapters.
    • Promote and maintain close communication among all NCSBA efforts.
    • Stress leadership development through the N. C. Master Beekeeper Program.
    • Maintain and develop close cooperation with groups compatible to NCSBA interests, eg., NCSU, NCDA&CS, American Beekeepers Federation, NC Farm Bureau, National Honey Board.
    • Render full support and promotion of honey bee research.
    • Actively publicize and encourage support to the Apiculture Science Fund at NCSU.
    • Visualize the development of a foundation.
    • Promote public awareness of honey bee importance.
    • Pursue efforts to realize a permanent honey bee exhibit at the NC Zoological Park, Ashboro, NC
    • Increase the number of honey bee presentations by NCSBA to schools and other groups.
    • Schedule honey bee product marketing promotions annually in the State Farm Market.
    • Encourage more attractive and educational honey bee exhibits at local festivals and fairs by every local Chapter.
    • Bring about a “ground swell” of communication and rapport with governing agencies, e. g., NC Legislature, US Congress, and various concerned departments.