This is the official site of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association.

The NCSBA is a non-profit corporation led by officers elected annually and governed by an Executive Committee consisting of the officers, and twelve Regional Directors. The Association has two conventions, Spring and Summer, open to all members and visitors ready to join. Membership records and meeting registration is administered by the Membership Secretary.

Although the coordination and planning take place at the state level, the real strength and work of the NCSBA occur at the county level. There are about 72 affiliated Local chapters representing about 85 of North Carolina’s 100 counties, most of which meet monthly.

What’s New

This new website design allows NCSBA to provide information about honeybees in a more user-friendly, content rich environment.

  • To learn more about the organization, browse topics under the “About NCSBA” menu.
  • To learn more about educational opportunities to learn about honeybees and issues affecting bees, look under the “Education & Events” menu.
  • To find a meeting of one of our local chapters near you, go to the “Find a Chapter Near You” page.
  • If you are a member of NCSBA, log in to the Members Only menus using the password on your membership card to learn more about the organization or to download the current version of the eBuzz Newsletter.

If you have information that you believe should be included in this site, please email it to webmaster@ncbeekeepers.org. We especially encourage chapter officers and members to contribute to this site.