NCSBA Apiculture Science Initiative

The Apiculture Science Initiative is brought forth by the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association in order to bring contributors together for the purpose of providing financial support for the Apiculture program at North Carolina State University. Although sizeable contributions are welcome, there are many more small contributors than large ones and this program is designed for small contributors who will be recognized as members of a team; the apiculture science research team. There are over four thousand members of the NCSBA and everyone can be a part of our effort! Please join the beekeepers of the NCSBA and become a contributor but first please read more about NC State’s Apiculture program.

Learn more about the Apiculture program at NC State University

The Apiculture program at NC State has three core missions: Research, using the scientific method to test hypotheses about honey bee biology and how to improve bee management; Instruction, teaching and disseminating knowledge about honey bees and apiculture through formal classes and academic training; and Extension, providing information, advice, and other outreach services to help beekeepers at all levels. The main research paradigms are: (1) queen mating biology and genetic diversity; (2) molecular and pollinator ecology; (3) oxidative stress and social immunity; (4) parasite and pathogen IPM; and (5) queen reproductive quality. The teaching program includes ENT 203 “An introduction to the honey bee and beekeeping,” aimed at non-science majors to explore biology and science using honey bees as a vehicle, as well as ENT 401 “ Honey bee biology and management,” which is a distance education course taught entirely online but includes hands on beekeeping instruction. Previous or ongoing extension initiatives include (but are not limited to) the Golden Leaf cost-sharing program, the NC Master Beekeeper Program, the Born and Bred in NC initiative, the Beekeeper Education and Management System, and the Queen and Disease Clinic. Log on to and visit their website.


The North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc. is the entity that receives all contributions to NC State University including the apiculture program. To become a contributor is easy and contribution amounts can be started or stopped at any time. To donate to the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc. log on to There you will see instructions for how to become a one-time donor or a regular contributor.

What is the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc.?

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University administers the foundation to provide financial support for the programs of the school. Gifts to the Apiculture program operate under the auspices of the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Tax ID: #56-6049304. An official receipt will be mailed for your records.


How can beekeepers donate to apiculture research at NCSU?

  • Make a cash gift on a recurring basis
  • Designate memorial contributions
  • Donate items to silent auctions
  • Designate life insurance gifts and gifts through estates
  • Make a one-time donation


  • All gifts are fully tax deductible
  • NC State professionals can work with you and your advisors to identify ways for major gifts
  • All contributors will be recognized by NCSU officials in regular reports to the apiculture program
  • All contributors will be recognized by the NCSBA for their leadership
  • Each gift makes a difference ensuring that the honey bee does not disappear from North Carolina
  • Research will help insure that the honey bee will be here in the future
  • Be a part of something important, honey bee research



  • Log on to
  • Decide how much money to donate
  • Schedule the payment(s)
  • Be sure to make your gift in support of the NCSBA
  • Enter your information
  • Join the Apiculture Science Research team!

For more information contact Rick Coor at