Administering the Certified Test


  1. Must be a member of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA).
  2. Must pass a Written and Practical examination, administered by the NCSBA MBP.

When a local chapter would like to have certified testing, they should contact the MBP committee and request a testing date.  A Proctor will be assigned the test for that club.  Copies of the test will be sent to the Proctor, a test number will have been assigned to that test.  A cover page will be on each test requesting the following information.  NCSBA Membership number, Test number, Name, address, phone number, club name, Regional  Director, and proctor giving test.

After testing, the Proctor will be responsible for grading and returning test results to MBP committee.

Copies of the Practical Test will be given to the club to be administered by Certified, Journeyman or Master Beekeepers.  The local club will be responsible for arranging and scheduling the Practical test.

Written testing can also be done at the spring or Summer NCSBA regular meetings.    Practical test will be up to the applicant to complete unless testing is available at the spring and summer meetings (applicants are responsible for their own suit and veil, smoker and hive tool to manipulate the bee hive).  Contact your local club for assistance in finding a Journeyman or Master beekeeper in your area for help in completing the practical part of the test.

As test results are received, they are entered in the MBP Computer Program.  Once all required test results for the level of Certified Beekeeper are received (written and practical), a certificate will be generated with the applicants name imprinted.  It will then be signed by the NCSBA President and Chairman of the Master Beekeeper Program and mailed to recipient.

Along with the certificate, a cover letter of congratulations, requirements and public service information concerning the next level of advancement to Journeyman Beekeeper will be given to each Certified Beekeeper.

Certified Beekeeper test can only be administered at sanctioned NCSBA events or by local Chapters. The NCSBA does not charge any fee for any test offered by the Master Beekeeper program.

The integrity of the Master Beekeeper Program is of the most importance to our organization.  Your help as a Proctor in this process is a part of being a Master Beekeeper.   Your integrity and professional presentation are a representation of what the program is all about.  Thank you for your help.

Certified Beekeeper test can only be administered at sanctioned NCSBA events or local Chapters. There is no charge for the taking of any test offered by the NCSBA Master Beekeeper Program.