NCDA information on honey extracting

Paraphrased from the NCDA documents
“Specifically, the North Carolina Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act is a regulatory law designed to ensure public protection. It provides rules for conduct of the manufacture, production, processing, packaging, and storing of food, drugs, and cosmetics. The act is broad and gauges the level of practical, reasonable compliance not by a set of sharply precise “Do’s” and “Don’ts” but by a concept of what is or is not “good commercial practice”.

Inspections of Beekeepers/Honey processors will be made to ascertain that:

  1. The surroundings around the honey processing area are sanitary (free from standing water, waste, refuse, uncut weeds, etc.);
  2. There is a safe and ample water supply;
  3. Toilet facilities are available, adequate and clean;
  4. Equipment is suitable for intended use, properly maintained, clean and sanitary;
  5. Processing methods are sufficient to prevent adulteration;
  6. The facility is free from rodents, insects and birds;
  7. Products are stored under correct conditions; and
  8. Products comply with packaging and labeling requirements.