The Honey for Disabled American Veterans Program



History of the Program

BillClothierSummer2014Neuse Regional Beekeeper, Bill Clothier started the Honey for Disabled American Veterans Program in 2013. Bill fostered the idea to collect honey from beekeepers, sell the honey and donate one hundred percent of the proceeds. The first year of the program saw $655 donated to the Greenville chapter on Veterans Day, 2013. In 2014, Bill was in Ayden, NC at the Veterans Day celebration and a check for $2800 was presented to the Ayden chapter.

Bill’s idea has since become a program of the NCSBA. The beekeepers of the NCSBA are proud to support the local DAV chapters in our communities. The Honey for DAV program is being headed by Army Major Dr. Margo Jenkins of the 82nd Airborne Division. With her leadership, we are working to expand the program and continue to support our Disabled American Veterans. Please like us on facebook and please donate honey or money to this important cause. This year the program is taken over by Dr. Margo Jenkins. Helping the Disabled American Veterans is personal to Dr. Jenkins. Dr. Jenkins currently serves in our nation’s military and her spouse, all siblings, and son-in-law’s all have served or are currently serving in our nation’s military.

honey4VetsAward2013In 2014, through the generosity of multiple chapters, donations totaling more than $600, were received from the Neuse Regional, Coastal Plains, and Tar River Beekeepers chapters and the total proceeds were $5,000 all donated to the DAV.

Honey for Disabled American Veterans Chapter Challenge

Chapters are encouraged to help pass the word to all chapter members. No honey donation is too large or too small. No monetary donation is too large or too small.

Please think about donating Honey for Disabled American Veterans as you begin to plan to harvest your honey. The honey can be donated now or you can donate honey at the Summer Meeting. Any jar and any amount! Even a 5 gallon bucket would gladly be accepted from any chapter!

How the Program Works
Either donate a jar of honey to the program for sale with the proceeds going to the Honey for Disabled American Veterans Program or donate a portion of your honey sales to Honey for Disabled American Programs.

At the end of the year direct honey sales totals and donations will be donated 100% to the DAV.

How to Contact Dr. Jenkins
By phone 919-499-1677 or by email at

Take the 100% Challenge
Pledge to donate 1 pound of honey for each member and challenges other chapter to do the same. Take the Challenge and you can be listed here. Or just make a donation.

Who is Taking the Challenge?
You can find your chapter name here—contact Dr. Jenkins and set up that pledge.

honey4DAVWhose In?

  • Beekeepers of the Neuse – 100 pounds of honey
  • Beekeepers of the Abermarle – $100
  • Barry Jones – 5 gallons of honey
  • Bill Thering – 5 gallons of honey
  • Tar River Beekeepers – jars of honey
  • Neuse Regional Beekeepers – jars of honey
  • Surry County Beekeepers – proceeds from honey sales at Celebrating Agriculture