2007 NCSBA and SCBA Spring Meeting

March 2-3, 2007
NC / SC Spring Meeting

Hosted by
Union County Beekeepers Association
Union County Agricultural Services and Conference Center
(a new, modern facility, opened Dec. 2005)
3230 Presson Rd
Monroe, NC 28112
(Off US 74 east of Monroe, between Monroe and Wingate)

Meeting Program – Invited speakers included:   Panel of experts discussions

  • Dr. Dewey Caron–Extension Entomologist, Univ. of Delaware
  • Dr. Tom Webster–Apiculture State Specialist, Univ. of Kentucky
  • David Westervelt–Florida Environmental Specialist
  • Theodore Cherbuliez, MD–American Apitherapy Society
  • Dr. Mike Hood–Extension Entomologist, Clemson University
  • Jennifer Keller–Apiculture Program, NCSU
  • Dr. David Tarpy–Extension Apiculturist, NCSU
  • Theodore Cherbuliez, MD, Past President AAS

Topics included:

  • Small hive beetle
  • Over-wintering bees
  • Africanized honey bees
  • Healing power of bee venom
  • Non-chemical pest control
  • Hive beetle diet
  • Colony collapse disorder update

Plus workshops, apiary demonstration, panel discussions, Q&A, vendor displays, silent auction, and banquet


Registration Fees             Individual      Family
Advance                                 $20           $25
At the door:                            $25           $30
Non-members additional:      $15           $15
Banquet:                                 $17

Registered attendance at this meeting was 420+ !!!

Conference Banquet Friday night

Banquet Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tom Webster received his MS and PhD from the University of California at Davis, after which he conducted postdoctoral work on the effects of pesticides on honey bees pollinating alfalfa in California. He came to Kentucky State University in 1988 with responsibilities in apicultural research and extension. His research has been primarily on new approaches to nosema disease and to non-chemical control of varroa mites.

Much of his extension effort has been devoted to the creation and direction of Heartland Apicultural Society (HAS), which has held 3-day conferences every July since 2002. Also, projects to manufacture and distribute December 31, 2010 –> –>al pollination have been active since 2003. In addition, he has worked with beekeepers in Belize and Ecuador.

Dr. Webster co-authored the book Observation Hives with Dewey Caron and co-edited another Mites of the Honey Bee with Keith Delaplane.

Average Temps (March 2-3): high 61° F; low 37° F
Actual Temps (March 2, 2007): high 66° F; low 48° F