2006 NCSBA Summer Meeting

July 13-15, 2006
NCSBA Summer Meeting

Hosted by:
Guilford County Beekeepers
Radisson Hotel
135 S Main St
High Point, NC  27260
phone: 336-889-8888

“Home Furnishings Capital of the World”
World’s Largest Chest-of-Drawers in High Point, NC

Registered Attendance: 314

Speakers included:

  • Laurence Cutts — Florida Apiary Inspector
  • Carl Webb — Mountain Honey, Inc.
  • John Skinner — University of Tennessee
  • John Ambrose — NC State University
  • Ed Levi — Arkansas State Apiarist
  • Nick Aliano — University of Nebraska Entomology
  • Fred Rossman — Rossman Apiaries
  • Jennifer Keller — NCSU

Topics included:

  • NC Bee Inspectors Report
  • African Bees in Florida
  • Asian Tropilaelaps Mite
  • Two Big R’s of Modern Beekeeping
  • Swarming: Do We Know All There is to Know?
  • Honey & Food Labels
  • IPM of Beekeeping
  • Techniques for Using Oxalic Acid Reduce Varroa Populations
  • Problems Now and in the Future of Queen Rearing
  • NCSU Update

Special Events:

  • 2005 Golden Achievement Awards — Top award went to Buncombe County Beekeepers.
  • Silent Auction raised $562 for the Apiculture Science fund
  • Honey, Beeswax, Mead, and Photography Competition  –This is the 30th year for this very popular contest and categories include extracted honey, comb honey, cut comb honey and creamed honey.  All honey must have been made in the past 12 months and three containers of each entry are required.
  • Cooking with Honey Competition  –Categories include any cooked or uncooked food made with honey. Recipes must be submitted with all entries.
  • Awards Banquet Attendance: 157  Friday night at the Radisson.

Weather for High Point, NC:
Normal High:  89°F  Actual: 91°F
Normal Low:  67°F  Actual: 72°F