Audio/Visual Library

The NCSBA special collection of beekeeping DVDs and books is housed in the Clyde A. Erwin, Jr. Library at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro. As an NCSBA member, you may check‐out materials from the NCSBA special collection with an email request to the library. The materials will be sent to you and you will send them back to the library.

How it works!

Click on the link “Request for NCSBA Beekeeping Collection Audiovisual form” at the bottom of this page. That form will appear. Within that form is a link to the “Beekeeping Bibliography”. Click it and you will have access to all the listings in the collection. Note: the Audiovisual section of the collection starts on page 13. That page number floats as we add material to the collection.

Find the item you want in the bibliography, copy the title, minimize the bibliography window, and paste the title into the request form. Go back to the bibliography and repeat the process for the call number. Then, fill in your contact information. Check the box saying you’re not a robot. Finally, click the submit button at the bottom of the page. The material you requested will soon be on its way to you!

IMPORTANT! If there is a beekeeping DVD that is not listed and you think the NCSBA should get it, please email your request to Bob Kemper at and we will try to add it to the collection.

Request for NCSBA Beekeeping Collection Audiovisual form