Bee Bowl Competition Rules 2018

Bee Bowl Competition Rules 2018

Bee Bowl 2018 will consist of 8 teams.

All chapters in NCSBA can enter a team consisting of 3 members and 1 alternate (optional) but must have 3 players during the competition.

To enter a team, email  Entries must be submitted by July 17, 2018.

All team members must be active members with their local and NCSBA membership as of January 2018.

Teams will be drawn and numbered 1 thru 8 for the competition.  Number 9 and 10 will be selected in the case of a team withdrawing.  Drawing for teams will be made at noon July 19, 2018

Team 8 will play team 1, Team 7 will play team 2, Team 6 will play team 3, and team 5 will play team 4.

The higher numbered team will get the first questions.

Each team will be given five questions with a point value from 20 for a Certified question to 40 for a Master.

  • 20 Points for Certified questions.
  • 25 Points as we move toward Journeyman questions.
  • 30 Points for Journeyman questions.
  • 35 Points as we move toward Master questions.
  • 40 Points for a Master question.

150 total points

Points are awarded for answered questions and deducted for those missed.  If a question is missed, the other team has the option to answer or pass and not attempt the question.  If answered correctly points will be added but deducted if incorrect.

Final question will be a secret wager, based on points earned.  Any amount of earned points may be wagered.  Moving to the next round will depend on the final point count between the two teams.

Highest score advances to the final four.  The lowest score is eliminated.

Also, for standing in final four, lowest accumulated points of the top four will go first against the number on team, third place will play second place.

Same format will be used for the final two teams.

The final two teams will have an increase in the number of questions (7 total) and points, (35 and 40) along with the final secret wager question.

In all cases the final question will have a clue to assist in making the wager.