Honey for Disabled American Veterans Chapter Challenge

Neuse Regional Beekeeper, Bill Clothier started the Honey for Disabled Veterans Program last year by requesting that the local chapters that he supports donate honey to be sold with the proceeds being donated to the Disabled American Veterans.  Helping the Disabled American Veterans is personal to Bill.  Bill’s family has a long history of military service with over 144 years of service served. Bill and his 5 brothers all served. Two of his brothers were 100% disabled and another brother 75% disabled during service during the Vietnam War.


A total of $655 was raised from the Neuse Regional, Coastal Plains Beekeepers, and Tar River Beekeepers chapters and the proceeds were donated on Labor Day last year.

BillClothierSummer2014Taking the Next Step

With the help of Rick Coor, Barry Jones, and Jim White, Bill is expanding the program across the state.

Bill shared information about the Honey for Disabled American Veterans program at the NCSBA Summer Conference in Wilkesboro in July.  In addition to the donations of money and honey that Bill received at the conference, he also received a number of commitments from chapters across the state to participate in the program.


How the Program Works

Either donate a jar of honey to the program for sale with the proceeds going to the Honey for Disabled American Veterans Program or donate a portion of your honey sales to Honey for Disabled American Programs.  Chapters some distance from the Neuse Regional Beekeepers on the east coast may wish to sell their honey locally and send the proceeds to Bill for the program.

Attendees at the summer meeting donated jars of honey and cash that totaled $277.

The check will be presented to the Wake County Chapter of the DAV on Veterans Day.;

How to Contact Bill

Bill can be contacted by phone at 252-756-024 or by email at photonavy@hotmail.com.

Take the 100% Challenge

The Beekeepers of the Neuse have pledged to donate 1 pound of honey for each member and challenges other chapters to do the same.  Take the challenge and you can be listed here.  Or just make a donation.

Whose In?

  • Beekeepers of the Neuse – 100 pounds of honey
  • Beekeepers of the Abermarle – $100
  • Barry Jones – 5 gallons of honey
  • Bill Thering – 5 gallons of honey
  • Tar River Beekeepers – jars of honey
  • Neuse Regional Beekeepers – jars of honey
  • Surry County Beekeepers – proceeds from honey sales at Celebrating Agriculture

Read more about the program in the Fall Issue of the NCSBA Buzz.