Official NCSBA Song

MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC …. The whole world loves music. One of our
beekeepers, John Rigdon, has expressed his love for honey bees and NCSBA
by composing “My Gentle Honey Bees” as our official theme
song. We presented John with a plaque at our 1995 Spring Convention in
Southern Pines in recognition of his accomplishment. Thanks, John; your
tribute to honey bees is forever recorded here. It will refresh our
spirits each time we sing it!

(Suggested tune: Just A Closer Walk With Thee )


© John Rigdon,

North Carolina Music “Meister”


I’ve a hive of honey bees

Nestled down among the trees

They live in peace and at ease

My thrifty, gentle honey bees.


6 Long before the first snow

The drones know they soon must go

After a life lived in vain

Their last days are spent in pain.


2 In spring they await the last freeze

Blossoms will soon be in the trees

And when the nectar starts to flow

My bees will get it, don’t you know.


7 Fall has come, summer has gone

The sweet nectar flows no more

Only the workers and queen

Will live to see the next spring.


3 Then in May and weather warm

I look up and see a swarm

And high up in a tree I see

A swarm of gentle honey bees.


8 When in winter’s cold weather

In the hive they cluster together

And eat honey, Oh, so sweet

From it they get their only heat.


4 In June still more flowers bloom

There is never time for gloom

They will gather nectar plenty soon

I super up to make more room.


9 The cold nights are getting shorter

Days are now getting longer

Spring is just around the corner

Bees and their keepers start all over.


5 For our work we now get our pay

We just take away the honey

Nature’s purest and sweetest sweet

The loveliest food we can eat.


10 Just a hive of honey bees

Nestled down among the trees

I don’t want killers, please

Just some gentle honey bees.



How I love my Honey Bees

Oh! How I love my honey bees

Though it pains me when they sting

I still love my honey bees!